​How much does a survey cost?


  • From £180

  • A Valuation Report is used for many reasons. We carry out:

  • HELP TO BUY (TARGET HCA) - The Government introduced this scheme some time ago now and we have specialised in this area of work. Our Reports are fully compliant with Target HCA requirements. For a limited time, we are now offering these reports at a cost of £180 in total regardless of the value of the property. A desktop valuation is often required after 3 months (and within 2 weeks of the original expiring) and the price of this is £60.

  • Shared Ownership Valuations - for sale purposes or staircasing (note that we are not linked to any estate agents or lenders so we satisfy the independence requirements).

  • Probate / Inheritance Tax Valuations

  • Divorce / Separation Valuations

  • Immigration Valuations / Reports

  • Standard Valuations - for example property investors who need quick reports to highlight serious defects and market value / building insurance figures.

HomeBuyer Reports

  • From £360 

  • A HomeBuyer Report without a valuation may be a cost effective entry level for the mid level (level 2) survey. Some clients are happy with the mortgage valuation they have but just want the extra detail you get from the HomeBuyer Report.

  • An independent perspective on the market value is often preferred though especially since we have looked at the property in much more detail than the lender. We can reflect any issues in our opinion of value that the lender's Surveyor may not have even been aware of. For example, we inspect available loft areas, cellars and inspection chambers for drainage, but the lender may not insist on the their Valuer doing so.

  • To include the opinion on the Market Value, there is an additional cost but we will endeavour to keep this as competitive as possible. When requesting a quote therefore, please confirm whether to include a Valuation.

Building Surveys

  • From £600

As building surveys (level 3) are generally for older houses, extended or unusual construction methods, we will need to discuss with your surveyor the level of reporting required and an expected time frame for getting this completed.


For this reason, the fees charged will vary with each property, so please let us know the address or even send us the property particulars so that we can provide a competitive quote for you. If you do this on-line, we will respond at weekends and in the evening generally.

We may even advise you that a HomeBuyer Report would be suitable and this could save you money. 

Building surveys generally exclude an opinion on the market value, but if this is required, or if you need the rebuilding cost for your building insurance policy, then let us know and we will add this on to the quote for you.

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